The type has three parts: Mask body with Water dispensers pipe and one canister
   when the ambient air is contaminated with chemical biological and radiated agents, the mask can provide effective protection to the wearer’s respiratory organs, eyes and facial skin. The mask is designed for use by military, police and civil defense and can also be used in industry, agriculture, warehouse, scientific research etc.
   The mask is equipped with a drinking system. If necessary the mask body may be connected to a canteen by means of accessories to enable the wearer to intake water or fluids in contaminated areas. The flexibility of the mask body is suitable. The elastic straps have elasticity and can be adjusted at random to ensure a comfortable, leak-free fit. Two-eye lenses are manufactured from optical plastic with its surface treated specially. The lenses provide a wide visual field and excellent optical properties and have good abrasion and shook resistance.
   The canister is filled with impregnated carbon of good quality and high efficiency filter paper and high efficiency filter paper and can filter out toxic gases and particulate aerosol from the influent air except carbon monoxide. The canister has a low resistance, lightweight and long life.
Cyanogens chloride: not less than 50 minutes at 30 L/min.
1. 5mg/L, 80-80% RH conditions.
Hydrocyanic acid: not less than 50 minutes at 30L/min,3mg/L conditions.
2. Oil mist penetration coefficient: not more than 0.005% at 30L/min
3. Inhalation resistance: not more than 186 pa at 30L/min.
4. Exhalation resistance: not more than 100 pa at 30L/min.
5. Visual field: total not less than 75%, binocular visual field not less than 30%.
6. Storage life: more than 5 years.
1. The mask body is divided into three sizes (small, medium and large on the left lower part of the mask body with a number:1(small),2(medium) or 3(large).The user shall choose a suitable mask according to the user’s head shape. If the user’s eyes after the mask has been worn are at the level of about10 mm above the horizontal center line lf lenses, it is shown that the selected size of the mask is suitable. If the eyes are above the value of 10mm, the mask is too small. If the eyes are below the value, the mask is too large.
2. Use of drinking device. A special canteen cap should be screwed previously to the canteen .when the wearer needs to drink water, unscrew the protective covers from the canteen cap and the water inlet valve, screw the ends of the connecting tube to the canteen cap and the water inlet valve, actuate the water inlet valve by hand to keep a suction tube in the mouth.
3. After using mask, perspiration, dirt or other left on all the parts should be wiped, especially on the lens, expiratory trap, aspiratory trap. If necessary, mask body can be cleaned by water and filter shall be wiped but avoid water in.If used in the infected virus environment, mask body and filter can be wiped by using 1% peracetic acid disinfectants. If necessary, mask body can be soaked in1% peracetic acid disinfectants, but not filters. After disinfection , mask body can be cleaned by water.
4. Adsorption capacity of the canister can be decreased for toxic gases after the canister has absorbed the moisture. The closure cap and the plug should usually be attached to the canister to prevent the ingress of moisture.
5. The gas masks should be stored in a cool dry place. If the masks are not in use for a longer time, a support should be placed inside the mask body to prevent the deformation. The mask body must not be placed or contacted with organic solvent.

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